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Jun 4, 2022 - Jul 2, 2022

Acting for the Camera: Tenisi

  • 29Days


Stage actors are taught to project to the back of the mezzanine. But what does that mean when you are in front of the camera? For TV or film? In a theatrical Zoom production? For your next audition tape? For your application tape for a college performing arts program? SAG-AFTRA and Equity actor Tenisi Davis is your guide to acting in front of the camera. In our new class, he will teach the foundations needed for becoming a LEADING actor. Designed to get you industry ready, you’ll finish the class with the skills to be a competitor in one of the most competitive industries in the world. If you want to be a STAR, you have to train like one! This class will run on Saturday's at 6 p.m (Eastern time), May 28th through June 25th. Class sessions are approximately 90 minutes long. The fee for this class is $275. Payment plans are available.


On-Camera Class, $275.00


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