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Jason Phenix Hall


Jason “Phenix” Hall is an actor, writer, and curator stemming from Bridgeport, Connecticut. He received his Fine Arts Degree from Southern Connecticut State University and is an alumni of Housatonic Community College’s Theatre Arts Program. Phenix has been a lover of performance art since a child. Some of his on-screen inspirations were sketch comedy series, like In Living Color, where raw black humor is used to address controversial issues. He began his artistic career as a spoken word artist at the age of 17. Through spoken word poetry he has traveled and performed on various stages including the legendary Nuyorican Poets Cafe in New York City. Driven to use words to inspire hope and social change, he released a poetry album titled Yahweh’s Paintbrush, in which he provides his uncut perspective on numerous topics ranging from the complexity of romantic relationships to pur. He has been a meaningful contributor and influencer in shaping Connecticut’s poetry pursuing dreams. His poems have been featured in a variety of festivals, colleges and poetry competitions. He is skilled in scripted and non-scripted storytelling, and multiple forms of expression. Influenced by Kenan Ivory Wayans and Eddie Murphy, he founded Bridgeport’s first improv troupe, Never Say No, in 2013. As creator, writer, and actor of the Never Say No improv troupe, he often experiments with satire and Black themes that reflect different points of view. He has been acting for over ten years. His acting debut was in Zora Neale Hurston’s Spunk. Phenix has also appeared in several theatrical productions with The Collective Consciousness Theatre in New Haven, Connecticut, including Jesus Hopped the A-Train and Skeleton Crew. Encouraged to use the arts to bring positivity to impoverished communities, he is also a creative writer and co-writer of play, Letters from the Sky. Phenix is also an educator with Bridgeport public schools and an instructor with ReBirth Arts Collective Summer Intensive.


"It's funny because my family members always tell me I should have been a preacher. I always ask them, How do you know I'm not not saving people when I spit a poem? Everytime I step to the mic I always  feel like my poem is gonna make a difference. The reason why I  do poetry is because I feel like my pain will help someone  get through their pain. Part of my testimony is my spoken word album Yahwehs Paintbrush. I named the cd Yahwehs Paintbrush because  Yahweh gave us these wonderful gifts. And its is our duty as artist to  use our art to inspire and help  and heal  people."

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