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P A S T   P R O D U C T I O N S

Time Line


Time Line is a play that travels through different historical time periods in American history from 1400 to today. It effectively does this through its narratives from each era. Time Line combines music, dance, and theater to help push the stories of these proud people and bring them to life. A rich and turbulent history never forgotten. NO PAST..NO PRESENT..NO FUTURE! 

​Letters From the Sky

Letters from the Sky is a journey about several young people battling interior and exterior temptations and demons. These characters battle accepting their destiny and obeying their inner voice. Our characters experience moments of joy, love, confusion, anger, hurt, and fear on their way towards forgiveness, patience, and moving beyond their pasts. Their stories are told through both physical beings and consciences.  See what happens when man loses his faith and finds himself in bad predicaments!!

Graphic Design by Rashad Carswell



'What's Good', travels through the experience of gun violence and desperation. It shows that the options that are made readily available and glorified, often lead us to a path of destruction. Pain and suffering is felt on both sides of gun violence, which is symbolically depicted in the simultaneous dialog.
Lives, hopes, and dreams are shattered with just the pull of the trigger. We have to look beyond the emotion and analyze what is the root and come up with efficient and fruitful solutions. It is possible and this vignette is a part of that effort.

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